Rust can shorten the life of your vehicle's frame, body & other exposed parts simply under normal conditions. However, this process is accelerated by the presents of harsh road deicers. Chemicals like magnesium chloride & potassium chloride act as a catalyst in the rusting process. These chemicals are applied to the road in liquid from, which allows rust growth in every "nook & cranny". This is why undercoating protection is more important than even before.

Since 1973, Rick Fennell Rustproofing RFRP has provided proven protection against the damaging effects of rust on vehicle undercarriages. RFRP could be classified as soft undercoat as opposed to hard undercoating. Hard undercoatings, like rubberized undercoating, can actually have the very opposite of the intended results. Hard coatings can actually start to pull away from the base metal and allow water to rest against the bare metal. RFRP is a soft oil based undercoating that never really dries and adheres to parts better than rubberized, wax, and other oil undercoatings.

Rick Fennell Rustproofing
Under Coating, 20oz Aerosol
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